Ellipsis is glad to announce its new acquisition, the TV series: The Audition. The Audition is an innovative series telling, revealing and casting the audience directly into the core of dance. The video is narrated by Antonio Fini, an Italian choreographer who has been living and working in New York for many years. Here he cooperates with the most important dance companies in the world. Supported by several professionals – among them Michael Mao – Antonio introduces the audience to the fantastic and complex world of professional dance, right from the start. A path made of movement, technique and emotion, as well as difficulties to face this work tries to fully investigate, turning challenge into opportunity, and physical limits into expressive and emotional methods. An exciting journey made of complex, rhythmic body movements, as well as technique and poetry soaring into the air as soon as one gets its deep message. The Series episodes were shot during real auditions in the USA, in New York and in Italy, as in Rome, Florence and Naples.