Ellipsis is glad to announce its new acquisition: the TV series “GUSTIBUS” dedicated to Italy’s cuisine and the products of its regions. Hosted by showgirl Roberta De Matthaeis, each episode features a different star-rated chef presenting a dish inspired by a product from the Italian region highlighted in the episode. All the action takes place at the prestigious Italian Chef Academy. In addition to the episodes to be aired on television, there are excerpts for the web in which a video illustrates the dish of the day created by the chef, and graphics present the recipe with ingredients and quantities to serve 4 people.

Twenty episodes dedicated to the finest Italian cooking, hosted by showgirl Roberta De Matthaeis. Each episode features a different star-rated chef taking us to a different Italian region and creating a dish using a local product. The episode also includes three special features highlighting a particular product typical of the region, illustrated by the farm managers themselves.

In addition to being international celebrities, all the chefs are instructors at the prestigious Italian Chef Academy.

A web-dedicated section that can be published on your web portal summarizes the episodes broadcast on television. A video from the broadcast episode will illustrate the recipe of the day, supported by graphics explaining the dish and listing the ingredients and quantities needed to prepare dinner for four. The series is aired by the Italian television channel LA7.