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original titleIl Giardino dei Numeri
international titleThe Garden of Numbers
directed byVincenzo Stango
screenplayVincenzo Stango with the support of Diana Pintus, Stefano D'Antuono

Biagio Venditti, Anna Teresa Eugeni, Chiara Catalano, Simone Castano, Francesco De Santis, Vincent Pelliccia, Matilde Pelliccia, Samuel Antinelli, Mattia Rega, Leonardo Blasi

cinematographyJeseph Lefevreo
costume designAlberta Spezzaferro
musicAdriano Dragotta
sound editorRocco Cavalera
producerAldo Reggiani
productionFeel Center
supported byRegione Lazio
world salesEllipsis Media International
film run73
languageItalian / English Subtitles
aspect ratio1:1:85

Thomas is  a 10 years old child very cute and smart. His parents are at work most of the time and he spends a lot of time with his grandmother, a very funny 75 years old lady, that loves flowers and turtles. Grandma helps Thomas with his homework, particularly maths, a subject that gives Thomas some serious problem.
In the garden there is a hidden hut full of stuff and gardening tools. Searching in the hut Thomas discovers a special game, a math labyrinth invented by his deceased grandfather. Grandma is  a bit disappointed, but at the end she agrees to play with Thomas in the labyrinth where the two discover pirates, odd and even numbers, pearls, coloured rafts and geometric shaped cities.   Going through many dangers they end up solving many problems and completing the game.
Thomas then becomes an expert that can teach the math game   to other children.

The materials animated in the film come from the Montessori teaching methods of the “psico-maths”.