LOCARNO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 2009: Filmmakers of the Present Competition

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original titleSogno il Mondo il Venerdì
international titleFriday Dream
directed byPasquale Marrazzo
screenplayPasquale Marrazzo

Anis Gharbi, Domenico Balsamo, Laura Ferrari, Elena Calligari, Giovanni Brignola, Simone (aka Valentina) Mancini

cinematographyNicola Saraval
editingLuca Trivulsio
set designRaffaele Golino
musicSergio Cocchi
producerPasquale Marrazzo
productionN.O.I. Produzione Cin.ca, The Family
world salesEllipsis Media International
national distributionLA FABBRICHETTA
film run90'
release date2009-08-21
aspect ratio1:1.85
available format35mm
festival & awardsLOCARNO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 2009: Filmmakers of the Present Competition;

A robbery planned by two Arabs. A player, a waiter and an alcoholic woman find themselves racing against time, dealing with daily routine and everything around it. With no room to breathe, the tension keeps rising ,as their stories unfold it brings them closer and they get acquainted. Karim, the young Arab boy who commits the robbery out of sheer hardship, is befriended by Gianni who is a great support and makes him feel less lonely. Irene, the alcoholic woman is convinced that Gianni is the son her husband took away from her years ago. Last but not least is Betty, the young trans-sexual who lets herself get dragged into the underworld, all in the name of love. Everything seems to take off from one moment to the next, but when things become unbearable, the characters let themselves go and look directly at the camera as they sing a song about how they feel. They wait until Friday before making their move to escape from the stifling atmosphere a city like Milan can create, but for some, Friday never comes…